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From its inception, Seymour Financial, LLC has been dedicated to creating a culture that embraces the spirit of trading, while exemplifying professionalism and still providing a road map to success. This formula, driven by our founders, enables Seymour Financial to redefine traditional trading of the financial markets. Our unique methods, our drive to succeed, and our environment, we believe, is redefining the option industry. Our philosophy allows Seymour Financial to maintain its competitive edge while still fulfilling the high expectations of its global client base.

From the beginning, Seymour Financial set out to create a trading environment, which redefined the industry. Time has allowed the company to evolve into one of the most competitive trading services available today. It is in the spirit of the company to be innovative and ground-breaking in its thinking. As a result, over the years, Seymour Financial has pioneered several trading strategies, including OptionRun, our first trading strategy to be available to the general public. Our principal objective always has been excellence. More precisely, Seymour Financial is constantly in search of methods to improve its strategies. The intention being, by doing so, our company will provide to its members unparalleled excellence in trading and a road map to success.

As a client, member, and partner, you join Seymour Financial on the road to success!