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Why OptionRun

Seymour Financial has developed a powerful trading system that delivers results for our clients, that is the bottom line. Here is what to expect as not only a member but also as a partner in experiencing The Run:

  • Win to loss ratio of over 72%.
  • A unique system that is effortless to follow while still producing tremendous results.
  • We are a service that posts all trades. OptionRun will NOT manufacture any results as many others services often so.
  • Exceptional Client Support.
  • Traders Insight – Our Traders will send daily Insight directly to our clients via email\text messaging to keep our clients informed on daily market news and OptionRun’s current positions.
  • The Run – Once our clients’ experience The Run, a streak of 4 or more winners in a row, they will be immediate supporters of OptionRun.
  • Clear, direct, and detailed trade alerts that allow any trader, from beginner to expert, to follow along.
  • An opportunity to be surrounded by a powerful community that enables our clients to achieve the highest results possible. Our clients are not only a member of the OptionRun service but also a member of an elite trading community.